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Shifting Your Perspective

mountains.jpgAs I wrote in my previous post, your thoughts often make events seem much worse than they actually are.

Your ego is the source of your thoughts and it can be considered unnecessary or even evil, although I like to think of it as an insecure child inside the head, who is always worried and trying to protect you from everything and everyone. It might tell you not to trust others or critisize them in order to prove itself. It might still be mad about something that happened years ago or worried about what’s going to happen years from now.

When you realize that all your thoughts are not your own and only coming from the ego, your perspective will start shifting; you will question your thoughts more and more and understand that you can choose not to identify with them. Instead of being angry with the ego for providing you with negative thoughts, you can feel sorry for the “insecure child” – and empathy will even benefit you!

When my perspective started shifting I went through many changes; I no longer had a wish to be like everybody else and started reflecting on what and who really made me happy as well as my mission in life.

I found it difficult to be a part of the “system” that doesn’t encourage people to follow their bliss, instead the system is based on money. I think it’s sad that so many people go to jobs every day that they don’t like waiting for it to be over. The thing is, there’s something for everyone out there! There’s something that you can become really good at and enjoy doing. How do you find out what it is? Just think of what brings you happiness! If you love doing something, then you will keep doing it and become better and better at it, and when you’re really good, somebody is going to want to buy it! Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend your time doing something that you love? It’s not a dream, it should be your reality!

This video has really inspired me:


Comments on: "Shifting Your Perspective" (4)

  1. teddytreetrunks43 said:

    That is an awe-some mountain drop, and thanks for connecting. I see we both like Eckhart.

  2. This clip of Alan Watts is one of my favorites! Very inspiring! It is good to look at how we got to where we are…and to realize that we can exit from this compulsion to believe ‘our’ thoughts at any time! ♥ Tomas

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