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Subjective Reality

Everything is energy, the universe is made of atoms. I find Quantum Physics very interesting, especially the ‘Double Slit Experiment’, which has made me question the concept of objective reality, where things just randomly happen to me.

This video explains the experiment in a simple way:

As the video shows electrons (matter) can behave as both matter and as waves depending on them being observed or not. When you observe something, you see matter, and when you don’t – the particles are behaving like waves.

Many people, including me, understand this experiment as a proof of subjective reality. You are the observer, meaning that you create your own reality by observing it, and it’s unique and subjective to you. You create your own life! Does it make you want to stop blaming others for what’s happening in your life and take control? It’s like people experiencing the same event or person differently – some positively while others negatively, because they, as observers, perceive something or someone accordingly to their own beliefs and paradigms.

How do you understand the video?


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  1. Things are only real when we make them so. It depends on our perception. Selecting one outcome collapses other potentials. I love quantum physics

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  3. this is a great one – makes you see things differently, doesn’t it?

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