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Say Yes to Life

Things don’t always go your way, that’s nothing new. How do you deal with your challenges? Do you think that you’re an unlucky person or do you think that everything happens for a reason?

It can be difficult to say yes to life when something that you perceive as negative happens to you and just don’t see a reason for it. But nobody has said that things will always go your way, so why does everyone want them to? I think the reason is that most people don’t even know what’s best for them, although they might have numerous ego-based ideas about it. If everything always went your way, how would you ever develop and grow? The challenges that you’re given are contributing to your development, and you’re never given more than you can master.

I have experienced many times that something that I perceived as a negative event turned out to be very positive. It took me time to realize it, but in the end I was grateful that it happened! I’m sure you have experienced it as well?

If you think about it logically: isn’t it insane to resist what has already happened? It already is, so why not accept it and believe that there’s a meaning with it instead of resisting it? Imagine something that seems as unnecessary as being stuck in a traffic jam – there is really no purpose for that and no way to escape! What is wrong with being mad about a traffic jam, you might ask? When you resist something, you release negative energy and you are going to attract more events that resonate with this negative energy, meaning that a traffic jam could end up ruining your whole day. Do you know about the law of attraction?

Next time you are stuck in a traffic jam or experience something else that you perceive as negative, I encourage you to accept it, because it already is, and believe that it’s happening for a reason. Follow your breath and stay in the moment. Trust that universe is taking care of you, as it only wants the best for you.

Eckhart Tolle:


Comments on: "Say Yes to Life" (20)

  1. Here an other look at it (Eckhart Tolle mentions at 7:30 “without the wants and fears of the egoic-self”, so it is not a surrender to the egoic-mind ! instead to unconditioned consciousness 8:20 – 9:15):

    Gangaji – Unraveling the Knot of Suffering

    • Thank you so much for sharing this amazing video!

      • You’re welcome !
        It is just what I needed to here, when I “found” it only 2 weeks ago.
        To really grasp it, I will need some more time with coscious awarness training and self-Inquiry now.

        I also enjoy this:
        Gangaji: Who Are You? The Path of Self-Inquiry (Complete)

      • I also enjoy listening to them, as they give me some relieve from the extreme tension and struggle I currently go through, to overcome the egoic-mind boundaries and re-actions, so I can say again Yes to Life. It seems like I (as my true SELF) never really lived life yet.
        I wonder if it is really necessary to acknowledge each and every single egoic-mind boundary.

        I am just reading Sir Aurobindo “Das Abentuer des Bewußtseins” (the adventure of consciousness). I like one saying very much: “Versuche nicht, dir einen Fleck nach dem anderen vom Rock zu waschen, sondern wechsele den ganzen Rock” (Don’t try to clean one taint after an other from your skirt, but change the whole skirt [I am not sure if I translated it correctly]).

        So, how can I change my mental-aura-field, as I guess there the thoughts are stored as energetic imprints, with a brand new clean one ?
        Have you ever heard something in this direction ?

  2. Hi, Thanks for sharing that video. I’ve been studying Eckhart Tolle’s teachings for a few years now and really love what he has to say. It looks like we have similar thoughts in our blogs. I’m glad you stopped by to check mine out.

  3. Thank you for these inspiring words. Eckhart Tolle is the teacher that really brought home to me the concept of accepting “what is.” Also, I was ready to hear it and consider the teaching. I think so much is about timing. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I was ready to learn the lesson of accepting what is in the moment and Eckhart was there (in book and video format) to deliver the lesson in a language I could hear.
    Many blessings, Alia

  4. If you have not heard of him previously, check out Panache Desai! He is one REALLY COOL and ENLIGHTENED DUDE!!!

  5. Other outstanding resources I have discovered recently include the music of Mark Romero and Jim Oliver and Some uniquely inspiring people on our planet today include Kenji Kumara, Mas Sajady, Christie Marie Sheldon, Rhys Thomas and GP Walsh. I also appreciate the magnificent global healing mission of Children of the Sun Foundation, founded by the amazing Tiara Kumara. Check out

  6. Eckhart’s teachings helped me a lot on my journey, but I still need to remind me of applying his teaching — normally when ego took over me 🙂 Thanks for posting the video. It helps with my question today. Thank you!

  7. I find much value in both E. Tolle as well as GangaJi. I am also encouraged to find those interested in the discovery of self. Once this realization is made and we are able to demonstrate this awareness we become a conscious creator …and this is magnificent!

  8. I love what you are all about here on your blog!
    And thanks for the follow! 😉

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