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You Are Free

niagara-fallsSometimes it’s hard for me to understand how the human race could become what it is today.

Never-ending obligations and stress, survival instead of living, money being in control of our freedom. What is it all for? How could we develop into something so self-destructive? How can we let money determine whether we are free or not?

Take a look at the nature. It’s peaceful, abundant, free and in total harmony with itself. It might be hard to see, but we are also a part of the nature, although we have separated ourselves from it and become ego-controlled beings – we are making ourselves suffer. Have you ever seen the nature being stressed? Doesn’t it sound absurd? The nature is the opposite of stress and so are we supposed to be.

When did you feel completely free last time? Maybe while meditating? Maybe when you were a child? Small children are not slaves of the system yet, they are free and they are living, not surviving! Then we put them in school and thus begins the process of integrating them into the system; they learn that they are good, if they get good grades and the opposite. Isn’t it insane? Isn’t everybody good at something? Shouldn’t school be about helping children to find what they are best at and developing those skills? Instead school makes us into slaves of our unnatural society, which is controlled by the left side of our brain.

My message with this entry is that, no matter how unbelievable it may seem after years and years of enslavement, you are already free! Like the waterfall, like the birds in the sky – that’s your true nature! I think that just realizing that freedom and peace are your true nature and making that your new belief will change your life. You might have obligations and stress in your life, but don’t let that take away your freedom. The society has taught us about scarcity, as if there’s not enough of everything for everyone! But the world is abundant – look at the grass, sand and stars! There’s so much abundance everywhere in the nature!

Try meditating and feel the freedom, as it’s already in you! Feeling it inside you will manifest it into your physical reality. Don’t let the ego-based society determine who you are and control your wellbeing, you are in control, you are free and you are making such an important contribution to the world by fulfilling your true nature!

Amazing words by Michael Beckwith about abundance:

Comments on: "You Are Free" (14)

  1. losethemeditator said:

    Inspiring blog post, really makes you think about the society we live in!

  2. Yes Indeed, We are free. We are the creators of this society we live in, and, we can recreate one in which we experience more abundance. We need to come to a sincere desire, the imagination so as to create, and the willingness to take responsibility for our self. Once the quest begins unlimited resources appear and you join many on the same path.

  3. “you are already free! Like the waterfall, like the birds in the sky – that’s your true nature!” Yes, – when I really take this in, my life changes.
    Good article ~ I like!

  4. I used to surround myself with lots of stuff, but it never kept me warm. I used to always marvel at my stuff, but it never smiled back. I used to move my stuff from place to place, but it never wanted to help. I finally got tired of being bossed around by my stuff, so I threw most of it away. It was a clean separation. We write once in awhile…the stuff that ended up the most I ended up finded for me…in me, of all places–only took 49 years, but I made it!

  5. Maybe it is better if I let Osho and Al-Ghazzali talk first.

    Please see “118_Sufis_The_People_of_the_Path_Vol2.pdf”
    “Seven Valleys” (path of human growth from man to God) and “Now this story…” in chapter 1, page 2-18

    For me to be truely free, means to have reached the seventh valley !

    a mad utter fool, in love with Source, searching for a master.

  6. I very much agree and thank you for this post. All around us are reflections of unlimited abundance, beauty and love. We were not created for a life of survival. However, we did consent to it. Our freedom has been gradually usurped by those with a very self-serving agenda. However, the fact remains that we are FREE. We have only to claim our freedom and our abundance and begin to LIVE. Blessings and love, Alia

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