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This blogs contains spiritual teachings, health tips, my art etc. and I would like to share my experiences of how I transformed my life with you. My aim is not to change your beliefs or opinions, but to encourage you to question and think about things, which you might not have thought about before.

A couple of years ago my life began to change after some unpleasant events that made me feel hopeless. It was a blessing in disguise, which made me shift my perspective, as IΒ started questioning things that I had never questioned before in order to make my own conclusions and decisions. Since that I have realized that the obstacles in my life are blessings in disguise – I need to develop, grow and learn something new about myself and the world around me in order to overcome them.

I have obtained a great amount of knowledge, which I would like to share with you.Β I hope that my knowledge will benefit you and make you understand and release your full potential, so you can create the life that you deserve!


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  1. Awesome. The point you raise about “not trying to change your beliefs”, differentiates you from A LOT of well-meaning folks who share your desire to help improve others and/or the world (hey, with enough time doing one will do the other!)….

    …. and I think it is SUCH AN IMPORTANT point to raise, and an even more important approach to follow!!

    I used to fall into the trap during ‘deep philosophical” discussions with friends and even the occasional stranger – where they assumed I had ‘an agenda’. And while I most certainly did not (sadly, at the time, I had very little conviction in any worldview) — we and the world are built on ego; so those receiving guidance from another ‘expect to see’ ego – and even many providing the guidance can “altruistically” try to solve the problem by “arbitrarily” subscribing THEIR solution.

    Each soul speaks a different language – and the most effective way to aid others is by providing the direction, but not paving the path! After all, by allowing others to pave their path, they will spend less time questioning it. And what I imagine you are all too familiar with based on your journey — the differences between paths were all relative and based on our ever-so corrupted perceptions!

    In a moment of light, polarity was born – that creation created creations which kept on sub-creating, making us ‘perceive’ differences within the bubble of all that is. That is why it is in tracing our steps backwards that we TRULY move forward in our individual journeys as pieces of a greater puzzle — and it is why any religion, faith or vantage point has a pinch of truth and/or a cup of lies — but ANY subject matter and EVERYTHING in life, if understood and discerned correctly by the individual, can serve as part of that trail of breadcrumbs which leads that soul home, back to that point before the beginning and before we used limiting words like “before”!!!

    I am so sorry for the LONG post lol — buuuuut, honestly, what may have seemed like a very natural and simple point for you to include TRULY resonated with and INSPIRED ME!! I am 200% on-board with the approach, and you got me reflecting on the fact that I need to ‘remind myself’ of the importance of the fact!!

    LOVE your mission & vision friend. Great awareness & blog – and I look forward to hearing more about your journey and your inevitable success! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you very much for this amazing post, I really appreciate it!
      I’m happy to know that my approach has inspired you – it inspires me to know that πŸ™‚

      It’s so easy to get excited when you learn something new – you just want to share it with the whole world and make people realize how great it is!
      However, I don’t think that people should be told what to do, no matter how well we mean it, which is why I’ve chosen this approach.
      The desire to change something and prove someone that you’re right is coming from the ego. I believe that everyone should to be informed about spirituality and then find out if they resonate with it or not.
      So I completely agree with you – we are here to provide the direction and people will find their own paths, when they are ready.

      I really enjoyed reading your blog and will keep following it πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you I enjoyed looking through your post.

  3. Great blog. Thanks for sharing your writings. And thanks for the follow too.

  4. Excellent observation and offer of aid to fully recognize who We really are by your kind example.

  5. Very nice and inspiring blog! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. πŸ™‚

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