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You Are Free

niagara-fallsSometimes it’s hard for me to understand how the human race could become what it is today.

Never-ending obligations and stress, survival instead of living, money being in control of our freedom. What is it all for? How could we develop into something so self-destructive? How can we let money determine whether we are free or not?

Take a look at the nature. It’s peaceful, abundant, free and in total harmony with itself. It might be hard to see, but we are also a part of the nature, although we have separated ourselves from it and become ego-controlled beings – we are making ourselves suffer. Have you ever seen the nature being stressed? Doesn’t it sound absurd? The nature is the opposite of stress and so are we supposed to be. Read the rest of this entry »

‘The Now’

Watercolors on canvas
80 x 60 x 1.8 cm
31.5 x 23.6 x 0.7″

‘The Now’ is my newest painting.

The purpose of my art is to bring peace and harmony to the world, to radiate light, give energy to people and bring them back to the present.

‘The Now’ is a symbolic painting and it’s showing the spiral of thoughts that most of the people spend most of their lives in; the flower represents the present moment, which is beautiful and peaceful.

It can be easy to forget that the present moment is all you have and all that ever is – I hope that my painting can help you to remember it, here and now.

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Say Yes to Life

Things don’t always go your way, that’s nothing new. How do you deal with your challenges? Do you think that you’re an unlucky person or do you think that everything happens for a reason?

It can be difficult to say yes to life when something that you perceive as negative happens to you and just don’t see a reason for it. But nobody has said that things will always go your way, so why does everyone want them to? I think the reason is that most people don’t even know what’s best for them, although they might have numerous ego-based ideas about it. If everything always went your way, how would you ever develop and grow? The challenges that you’re given are contributing to your development, and you’re never given more than you can master.

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Subjective Reality

Everything is energy, the universe is made of atoms. I find Quantum Physics very interesting, especially the ‘Double Slit Experiment’, which has made me question the concept of objective reality, where things just randomly happen to me.

This video explains the experiment in a simple way:

As the video shows electrons (matter) can behave as both matter and as waves depending on them being observed or not. When you observe something, you see matter, and when you don’t – the particles are behaving like waves.

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Shifting Your Perspective

mountains.jpgAs I wrote in my previous post, your thoughts often make events seem much worse than they actually are.

Your ego is the source of your thoughts and it can be considered unnecessary or even evil, although I like to think of it as an insecure child inside the head, who is always worried and trying to protect you from everything and everyone. It might tell you not to trust others or critisize them in order to prove itself. It might still be mad about something that happened years ago or worried about what’s going to happen years from now.

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Living in the Moment

It is a human condition to always look for something, to chase dreams and happiness, never being completely satisfied with where we are and what we have. It sure is a positive thing to always look for ways to improve, but does it seem rational to always live in the past or future? Most humans almost never live in the moment nor accept the life as it is.

I have learned a lot from my favorite spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. Just like most people I used to live in the past or the future without even realizing it. Actually my life was happening while I was thinking about the past or the future, which only existed in my thoughts. It sounds sad, doesn’t it? Can you recognize your own thought pattern?

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The Purpose

Dear reader,

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of how I transformed my life. I hope that my knowledge and experience will benefit you and make you understand and release your full potential, so you can create the life that you deserve!

This blog will contain spiritual teachings, health tips, beauty secrets and much more!

My aim is not to make you change your beliefs or teach you something, but to make you see things from a different perspective and make you question the information that you have been accepting and approving your whole life.